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Donkeys in their paddock
Sunday, 5 April, 2020 - 11:01

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Il Rifugio degli Asinelli was established in 2006 and is a subsidiary of The Donkey Sanctuary, UK founded in 1969 by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE. It is only through her amazing devotion to donkeys and hard work that the Sanctuary grew to the international charity it is today. Over 50 million donkeys and mules exist in the world. Many need care and protection from a life of suffering and neglect, whilst others have a vital role to play in human survival and happiness; they are at the heart of everything we do here at Il Rifugio degli Asinelli.

Welcome to our family

We are delighted that you have decided to visit Il Rifugio degli Asinelli and that you share our love and compassion for donkeys and mules, such gentle and affectionate creatures. Our work is funded entirely by donations and legacy gifts. Your kindness and generosity will help us to care and protect one of the world’s most hard working and humble creatures and help enrich so many lives... for that we are truly grateful.

Latest news

Dante e Margherita muli Colleferro

Dante and Margherita's love story

Dante and Margherita tell a story of suffering, fortunately with a happy ending. But above all they tell a love story.

John Florio

Goodbye John Florio

It is with great sorrow, that we had to say goodbye to John Florio, blue collar of the exclusive adoption, for years one of our beloved donkey therapists.


Adoption update

One of the moments of greatest contact between those who work at the Refuge and donkeys is during grooming, which is where many anecdotes about the Magnificent Eight come from.

Donkey Assisted Therapy

Christmas Companies

This Christmas your company can choose a valuable action with a donation to Il Rifugio degli Asinelli which will be destined to our projects of Donkey Assisted Therapy to help vulnerable people.

Donkeys in the snow

Care of donkeys through winter

When owning a donkey you have to be prepared for the cold winter months, winter care is about helping your donkey to withstand the lower temperatures and to stay healthy, rather than shutting them in...


Goodbye Chicca

With our deep sadness, Chicca (aged 31) who was the oldest donkey of the Refuge, has passed away following a severe case of colic that she was not able to recover from.