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We bray you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear friends, in these busy days we ask you just one minute to let us share a wish and a word for you.

First, our wish:

May you find and take care of your sanctuary, filling it with joy, serenity and love
And may you be a sanctuary yourself, a safe place for the ones you love and for those who count on you.

This is what we do every day for our beloved donkeys and mules, and for Sogno, he only resident horse and the oldest: we have chosen him and his beloved donkey friend Baby to wish you all the best for the year to come.

Auguri da Sogno e Baby

Stefania and Valentino: their drawings will call donkey superheroes

First of all: thank you to all the artists who joined our call and donated their art to the donkeys. We were looking for artworks to be used in our campaign for children: we needed some fresh illustrations, full of colours and life, in comics style, as the theme of the campaign is "Become a superhero for donkeys".

We received some beautiful artworks, and choosing one was not simple... so we chose two! Let us introduce you Stefania Piazza and Valentino Villanova, the artists who will help us to illustrate our campaing.

I disegnatori scelti per illustrare la campagna "supereroi per gli asinelli"

New lives for Leo and Gigi

Some years ago, when our welfare adviser Fabrizio went to rescue a donkey family, he found a little pony living with them. His future destination was uncertain and he seemed closely bonded to the three donkeys, so, to keep the group united and not to separate them, Leo the pony joined our Rifugio.

Leo, gorgeous blonde pony

Goodbye Jonny

It is with hearts full of sorrow that we said goodbye to Jonny, Trilly’s father, who departed for after a stroke a few days ago. Jonny has spent these last three years with donkey friend Chandoline and his human family, who had welcomed them thanks to the rehoming scheme.

It was love at first sight and the beautiful bond between donkeys and humans increased day by day.

Jonny and Chandoline

Gifts worth twice

If you are looking for a very special gift, which tells a lot about you and what you love, and maybe supporting a cause you believe in... we can help!

Here at our Rifugio and on our e-shop you will find more than one hundred items. Choose them, they are worth twice: at the same time, you will make your beloved ones and our donkeys happy, as a part of the funds raised are used for their daily care.

A closeup of two young donkeys at our Rifugio

New study shows donkeys need more protection from the winter weather than horses

A new study from The Donkey Sanctuary shows that donkeys, and to a lesser extent mules, are less able than horses to adapt to colder, wetter climates and therefore require additional protection in the winter to meet their welfare needs.

Since 2015 The Donkey Sanctuary has been working in collaboration with Dr Britta Osthaus, Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and Dr Leanne Proops, Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, both specialists in animal behaviour and cognition.

Donkeys in their shelter

A part of our Rifugio is closed to public for skin fungi

Since today and at least for one month, our Rifugio will be partially closd to public (Rufus/Pippo areas): our vet found skin fungi in Rufus-bis barn and we decided to close the access to these areas to visitors until the treatments are ongoing and the emergency is over.

The other areas will be accessible: Venere/Linda (elderly donkeys), Pufulet (where Galileo, Ardito and Vincenzino live), Iole (donkey therapists), Rocco (mules).

Marisa and Ombra live in Rufus bis stable


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