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Snow and sun

Even our Rifugio was affected by bad weather which hit Italy lately (the reason why we decided to postpone the day of the volunteers, scheduled for this Sunday), but we did not let ourselves be surprised by the freezing cold!

Thanks to padded blankets, stables kep warm with infrared lamps and, where necessary, extra food, Winter becomes bearable for everyone - even for our elderly donkeys.

Fiona e i baffi innevati

Lunghezza seizure: 60 equines desperately need our help

Our Country Manager Barbara Massa and Welfare Advisor Fabrizio are currently in Lunghezza, near Rome, to help about 60 donkeys, mules, horses and ponies:
they have been seized by authorities last week as they were living in desperate conditions, neglected and forced to drink from extremely polluted river Aniene, the only source of water at their disposal.

Oltre 60 equidi sotto sequestro a Lunghezza (Roma)

10 donkeys need a new home

Ten donkeys need to find a new home because of serious health problems of the owner and we will do our best to help: can you help us?

These are 10 large donkeys, 7 females and 3 castrated males, aged between 2 and 8 years (except for a female of 14).

The donkeys are in good conditions, with all the proper documents; their owner is available to contribute to the transport fees (they are not located at our Rifugio, but in Cavernago, in the province of Bergamo).

On Facebook you can see some photos:

10 asini cercano casa

Valentine's... Bray!

If you're looking for a special way to declare your love, or to remind your beloved ones how much they mean to you, why don't you ask the donkeys to be your special messengers?

Adopt a donkey for Valentine's Bray - Day, sorry! You will show your love to the other half of the apple and to the donkeys at the same time, as the funds raised will be used for their cares.

Why have also some special packs including handmade donkey figurines: if you are interested, please contact us to see how we can arrange shipping.

Ti raglio bene

You can help the donkeys while walking the dog

If you live in Italy and love walking your dog, you can help our donkeys at the same time thanks to the new website

It is a place where everyone can upload favourite route, directions and pictures to help other people find new journeys according to individual needs and preferences.

And every two new routes uploaded, 10€ will be donated by the website host to user's favourite charity - Il Rifugio degli Asinelli included.

Ombra e Marisa osservano un cagnolino

Farewell granny Elio

A slight improvement this morning, after a very hard night; then, when we began to allow ourselves a little bit of optimism, the collapse, despite the care and presence of our vet. Elio, one of the "granny-donkeys" at our Rifugio, died today, just before noon, following a sudden, severe intestinal blockage that struck him yesterday.

Elio si gode il sole

Donkeys and rainbows

A couple of days ago, our County woke up under a magical frame: a perfect double rainbow which framed the whole Biellese territory.

Our Rifugio degli Asinelli, which is located in Sala Biellese, in the Serra Morenica, with the Biellesi Prealps in the background, was blissed by the force and beauty of Nature.

Obviously the double rainbow was immortalized in many shots, and our Farm manager Denis was able to take one of the donkeys surrounded by the rainbows,

Here it is his picture for you:

Asinelli e arcobaleni

Charity disappointed by 'backwards step' for donkeys

The Donkey Sanctuary has expressed disappointment at the news that China is reducing the import tax on donkey skins for use in traditional medicine.

Alex Mayers, head of programmes at The Donkey Sanctuary, says: “We are disappointed that the Chinese government has chosen to reduce the import tax on donkey skins. As the largest equine welfare charity in the world The Donkey Sanctuary continues to call for a halt to the trade in donkey skins.

Donkeys waiting to be slaughtered


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