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Rest in peace Arianna

She was the loneliest donkey of our Rifugio. You could spot Arianna always in the same place, at the bottom of the fence, stuck to the farther corner. It was rare to see her close to other donkeys and the few times she played, it was with Agostino or Poldo, two other lonely guys: maybe their connection was for this affinity, or for their pasts, which had left invisible yet always open scars.

We really hoped that we would have been able to heal them, but... Arianna, what a terrible joke you did.


World Animal Day: turn on the light!

Today, 4 October, it's World Animal Day: please turn on a light to keep the donkeys safe and warm during the cold season.

Your donations collected today will allow us to keep the infrared lamps on during next months (in the last days we have already waken up with a temperature just a few degrees above 0) and to keep the donkeys safe and warm, with a greaf relief for all them, expecially our elderly ones and those ill or weak.

Will you help to keep the lights on? Please consider making a donation today.

Lampade a infrarossi nelle stalle per tenere al caldo gli asinelli

Obama the earless donkey

It is impossible not to notice him in Rufus group: with his cropped ears, Obama, a lovely brown donkey rescued in Romania when he was a few months old, is really unique and unforgettable. Many visitors, after meeting him here at our Rifugio, has asked us more about him, fearing he was the victim of human violence.

Actually, his peculiarity is not a consequence of mistreatment: both his ears were amputated by our vet to avoid that sarcoids (skin tumors very common among donkeys) could spread all over his body.

Obama, asinello senza orecchie

Helpfreely: your shopping helps the donkeys

613,38€: this is the amount generated in less than one year thanks to your online shopping and Helpfreely App™, the charitable project which raises funds for NGOs, nonprofits and foundations at no extra cost while shopping online. Actually there are no extra fees for our supporters, as the shops themselves donate a part of your buy to the donkeys.

If you are not subscribed yet, join now: it's easy!

Helpfreely aiuta gli asinelli grazie al vostro shopping online

Re-homing goes wide: now all Italian Regions can apply

From Val d'Aosta to Calabria: our re-homing scheme extends to all Italian regions (Sicily and Sardinia excluded), to allow a growing number of donkeys to be welcomed into their new families.

Yesterday Marcus, Marius, Giorgio, Alex, Garibaldi, Coconut, Sheila, Camilla, Mario and Bello left Sala Biellese towards Abruzzo: they will live in a small detached house (not open to the public) where there are already ten donkeys that we saved from Colleferro. From there they will be ready to reach their new families for life in the Center and in Southern Italy.

L'asinello Coconut è pronto per l'affidamento

More than 1,000 people joined the Summer Fair

The weather forecasts were uncertain until the end, but it was a cloudless sky to welcome the thousands and more people who came to Sala Biellese from all over Northern Italy on August 26, to celebrate our first 9 years of opening to the public.

The Great Summer Fair, every August last Sunday, recalls that August 22, 2009, when the Rifugio's gate has opened to visitors for the first time. And since then we have welcomed over 150,000 people - more than 10 percent were children on school visits.

Tenerezze al Grooming Day


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