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In their hooves

While on your holiday, be a responsible tourist and put yourself ‘In Their Hooves.’

Donkeys and mules are put to work in tourism all over the world, whether used as taxis, for treks or to carry luggage. While we do not actively promote the use of donkeys and mules in any form of tourism we do understand their importance in helping thousands of people to earn a living.

In their hooves

Let Sole shine again

A new donkey has joined our Rifugio today: it is called Sole, Italian for Sun and, in the last two years, his life has been a continuous battle against a very serious dermatitis that disfigures him and gives him no respite.

The former owners contacted us, exhausted and desperate: years of analysis, visits, attempts at treatment, conventional and experimental, did not lead to any improvement, nor did they allow us to understand the causes of the problem.

L'asinello Sole sale sul trailer che lo porterà al Rifugio

Yoga is better with the donkeys

Yesterday morning a glorious sun kissed humans and donkeys who took part in Ih-oh... Ga! Yoga with donkeys morning session.

This time it was wellness experts Sarah Fagnola and Andrea Torres who led the participants for a 2-hour-long session. We sincerely thank them and all the people who came to do yoga with the donkeys (and for the donkeys: the entire proceeds were donated to our sanctuary).

If you have been there and want to relive yesterday's emotions or, viceversa, if you could not participate and you wonder what to expect from Ih-oh... Ga!, this video is for you!

Yoga in compagnia degli asini

Photo contest on Instagram to celebrate first 10 years of opening

Do you love photography? Do you love animals? Have you visited our sanctuary? So join # Rifugio10!

For the first 10 years of opening to the public of Il Rifugio degli Asinelli ONLUS, we call on all photography enthusiasts to tell, through images, the stories of donkeys and mules saved and happily reborn in Sala Biellese, in the only Italian branch of the international charity The Donkey Sanctuary.

Photo contest su Instagram

Always open!

If you're planning to pay a visit to our Rifugio during Easter holidays, we're happy to tell that we'll be open every day from 10 am to 6.30 pm.

Asinello al Rifugio

Il Rifugio on Rai1 Channel

Our sanctuary had an exceptional showcase last week, when a troupe of "La Vita in Diretta", Rai1 (main Italian TV channel) afternoon telecast, came to visit us and told millions of viewers what we do.

The service, hosted by the correspondent Giulia Capocchi (accompanied by our Rachel), was broadcast on Rai1 on April 1st, but you can watch it (or see it again) on RaiPlay, starting from minute 35:19:

La Vita in Diretta al Rifugio degli Asinelli

New closing time since 1st April

Starting from today 1st April on, our Rifugio will extend its opening hours from 10 am to 6.30 pm. Summer opening time will be effective until 30th September.

For more info about how to get here (we are located in via per Zubiena 62 in Sala Biellese) and plan your visit, take a look at our advice.

We and the donkeys are waiting for you!

Panorama del Rifugio


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