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Wonder 8 of the Adoption Scheme: March updates

Dear adopters of the Wonder 8 from the Adoption scheme, are you curious to know what they have done recently? Let's hear what tells our groom Cecco (who, together with the other farm staff, every day takes care of them and of all the 125 donkeys and mules homed at our sanctuary).

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Ombra e Agostino

Four is better than two

Four is better than two: some weeks ago, Apple and Milly's donkey guardians have welcomed two more donkeys, Maria and Fontana, and they double the joy of our foster scheme. Now these four lucky donkeys are enjoying an amazing home on the mountains in Reggio Emilia and sharing the love of their new family.

Maria e Fontana incontrano Apple e Milly

Love is: waking up with a bray

There are many kinds of love and re-homing a pair of donkey is definitely one of them. To thank all our gorgeous donkey guardians who have opened their homes and hearts to 49 donkeys of our sanctuary so far, we asked to one of them, Fabio, to tell by his very own words his "wonderful adventure" with donkeys Paolo and Zoe.

Zoe e Paolo

Seizure in Alessandria, updates 8/2: results of exams and next steps

They are more and more comfy in their new home, the five donkeys that we brought here last week from Alessandria seizure. We are doing and will do our best so that they can forget their difficult past and start a new life. Besides a safe and warm shelter, healthy food and many, well-deserved attention from our dedicated staff, in order to get them back on track they also need more: medical therapies and customised interventions.

Controlli e lastre per l'asinella Zara

The purest love: Zara and Moro

As you already know, for the last weeks we have been involved in a big seizure in Alessandria, Piedmont: in a few days, with the help of so many people, we managed to find a home to 43 donkeys. Five more, the ones most needing our cares, are safe at our sanctuary now.

Zara and Moro were the first we noticed, as we entered the farm where the 48 donkeys under seizure had been provisionally placed over 40.

Zara e Moro

Seizure in Alessandria, updates on 31/1

Yesterday, after a 3 hour trip, we brought to our Rifugio seven of the 48 donkeys under seizure in Alessandria: 2 have already left to reach Nata Libera shelter, while 5 - the ones in worst conditions - will remain at our sanctuary,

About the new arrivals

These five donkeys urgently need proper cares and were at risk of not being chosen by any caretakers (expecially the big-sized stallions).

Primi controlli del vet agli asini del sequestro di Alessandria


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