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Many of you will remember Baby, a donkey born in 1993, who arrived at our Rifugio with the horse Sogno, who passed away in April 2018, from which she was inseparable. Our Baby is no longer with us since Tuesday afternoon, but we are sure that she is running free with herfriend Sogno.

The first signs of malaise occurred on Tuesday morning with inappetence, staggering and the incapacity to bear the quadrupedal station. The situation worsened in the afternoon and, accompanied on her last trip by our vet, she finally got rid of pain.

Donkey Baby

Update on requests for visits

Considering the current pandemic situation, we can arrange appointments for educational and institutional purposes (classes, supporters who bought our Incontrasino Voucher, volunteers, charities and social bodies, through the organization of coordinated groups following current regulations and conditions requested for health and security) starting from this coming spring. 

Il Rifugio guest of the TV programme "Dalla parte degli Animali"

We were contacted by the end of summer by the editorial staff of "Dalla parte degli animali", a broadcast on Rete 4 hosted bythe Honorable Michela Vittoria Brambilla, to present our reality through three of our donkeys. We told the stories of Rucola, Soleand Costel, which can be sponsored, as evidence of our daily commitment to these wonderful animals and to involve an ever-increasing number of people in support of our work.

Group of donkeys during the recording of the TV programme

A new home for Massimo

Many of you will remember Massimo, a donkey born at our Rifugio in 2013 from Gelsomina, who arrived pregnant after the seizure of Colleferro. Massimo reached his new home at the beginning of October, near Pistoia, where he started to share his new life with another donkey called Nespolo, who had been left with three horses following the death of another donkey who lived with them.
Gli asinelli Massimo e Nespolo

Dante and Margherita's love story

Dante and Margherita tell a story of suffering, fortunately with a happy ending. But above all they tell a love story.

Dante and Margherita arrived at the Rifugio in 2013. Their health conditions were very poor. Unfortunately, the world has not been kind to them, their bodies and souls were ailing. They arrived from the big seizure of Colleferro, a town between Rome and Frosinone. A place of horror where, in that year, hundreds of abandoned equidae had been left to die. We, at the Rifugio, recued and welcomed 52 of them. Their lives have now changed.

Dante e Margherita muli Colleferro

Goodbye John Florio

It is with great sorrow, that we had to say goodbye to John Florio, blue collar of the exclusive adoption, for years one of our beloved donkey therapists.

Abandoned in the Romanian countryside, deeply marked in the body and mind, he was found hungry and with a deformed limb due to a previous fracture never cured. Welcomed to the Refuge in 2008, at the age of six, he immediately stood out for his strong and combative character, typical of those who decide to react to a difficult life.

John Florio

Adoption update

One of the moments of greatest contact between those who work at the Refuge and donkeys is during grooming, which is where many anecdotes about the Magnificent Eight come from.



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