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Open in August

Our Rifugio will be open all August from 10 am to 6.30 pm: come and pay a visit to our sanctuary!

On 15th August (Italian bank holiday) our volunteer Nicolò will be happy to welcome you and walk you around with a free guided tour.

For more info about your visit to il Rifugio, have a look here.

Asinelli al prato

2019 calendars: work in progress

Our insider at Print snc tipography has just sent us an exclusive top secret photo: the printing machines are at full speed to make the 2019 calendars of our Rifugio!

As in last years, there will be two available type, wall (in the picture below you can see a preview: June, with Alin and Coconut) and desk. In the coming weeks we will give you all the details on the calendars and how you can order them (we ship Worldwide).

Calendario: work in progress

The best yoga companions

At our Rifugio degli Asinelli, you can find the best companions for an unforgettable yoga session.

On 15th September, after the summer break, Ih-oh... ga will come back monthly (follow us on Facebook and website to be updated).

Meanwhile, enjoy this video with donkeys Oscar and Amilcare as special guests.

A huge thank you to yoga teacher Roberto Castellucci, all the participants and, obviously, the donkeys, to whom the funds raised are donated.

Ih-oh... ga con Amilcare e Oscar

Farewell Madalina

Today we say goodbye to an old lady, one of the first donkeys coming into our care: Madalina left us on 12 July, due to a severe gaseous colic that had hit her the day before. Despite a slight improvement in the night had made us hope for the recovery of that old warrior, the therapies were useless: the colic was too severe and the years (30) she had to bear where perhaps too many to overcome such a serious attack.

Madalina nella stalla

Domenica Bestiale 2018: the day after

A sense of peace, the joy of having been able to listen to many beautiful stories and to have given them a space to be told, the smiles and the shining eyes of those who caressed, for the first or the thousandth time, a donkey.

Two years pass between one Domenica Bestiale (our event dedicated to "unconventional animals" and to the charities which take care of them) and another, but what does not change is the feeling that another world is possible - better: that we can make it possible.

Un momento della visita guidata

World kiss day with the donkeys

Today, 6 July 2018, is the Kiss World Day: we have chosen to celebrate it in our own way, with a succession of "kisses" exchanged by our donkeys over the years.

It is our small way to spread, in the midst of so many bad news, a minute of tenderness and to remember that, beyond the dates, love is so important that it should be honored every day, healing and making our loved ones feel loved .. just like we do, 365 days a year, with the 135 donkeys and mules guests of the Refuge.

Agostino e Mario

July with donkeys

This July come and meet our wonderful donkeys! We are open every day, from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m: free entry and no booking is required to pay a visit to the 135 donkeys and mules hosted at our Rifugio.

We are located in Sala Biellese, about 1 hour car drive from Turin and Milan. Here you can find the details to find us.

You will be free to walk around our Sanctuary and meet the donkeys, but if you would like to have a special experience save these dates;

Coccole al Rifugio

On Saturday 14 the last appointment with Ih-oh... ga

f you love yoga and donkeys, do not take commitments for Saturday, July 14: our Rifugio will host the last appointment with Ih-oh ... ga! before the summer break.

For two hours, from 10 to 12, the yoga teacher Roberto Castellucci will guide all the participants (at any level: from beginners to experts) through the different positions.

And if the benefits on body and spirit are known, Ih-oh ... ga! offers something more: the company of donkeys, free to observe, move and interact!

Yoga in mezzo agli asinelli


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