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Seizure in Alessandria, updates

Our appeal to find guardians for over forty donkeys under seizure in the province of Alessandria, Piedmont, has had an enormous resonance. In these days Fabrizio is contacting all the people who have given availability to welcome donkeys in the North-West of Italy: as written in all posts, it is essential that the custodians are located nearby Alessandria, not to add more stress to donkeys (we also remember that the transport costs are borne by those who will take care of the donkeys).

Asini sequestrati ad Alessandria: aggiornamenti

Urgent: we need to find caretakers for 40 donkeys under seizure

Over 40 donkeys under seizure urgently need us: we look for caretakers willing to host them to help them start a new life.

Currently the donkeys are in a farm of Alessandria: the management costs, which amount to about 8 thousand euro a month, are paid by the owners. We want to avoid the possibility that the 'owners themselves ask the release from seizure for the purpose of the slaughter, bringing as their motivation the payment of monthly expenses.

Due degli asini sequestrati

Shorty... ears for a longer life

Do you remember Obama, the earless donkey? Both his ears were amputated by our vet to avoid that sarcoids (skin tumors very common among donkeys) could spread all over his body. For some weeks now, there's another donkey with "half ears": it's Shorty, a sweet donkey rescued in Romania, once member of the donkey therapists (the ones involved in Donkey Assisted Therapy).

Shorty con l'amica Chocolate

Walking with the donkey "therapists"

If it happened to you to spot a pair of donkeys walking on the roads around our sanctuary, you haven't seen double: you just witnessed a new activity involving our donkey "therapists", the ones helping with DAT - Donkey Assisted Therapy.

The purpose of these walks is to improve the lives of donkeys and DAT recipients as well: our DAT coordinator Laura Benzi explains why and how.

Bandit in giro per il bosco

Fostering: a new life starts for Apple and Milly

340 km divide Sala Biellese from Baiso (RE), and it took to us a 6-hour drive to get there, last week, with our "exceptional transport": donkeys Apple and Milly, 22 and 16-year-old, were moving to their new home thanks to the fostering scheme.

Have a look at the video and, if you live in Italy, please consider becoming a donkey guardian: read and apply here, fostering will be the greatest gift for donkeys and yourself!

Apple e Milly nella nuova casa

In memory of Pippo 2

It looked like am ordinary Saturday morning, but as soon as they entered the enclosure of the donkeys with respiratory diseases, our grooms Magda and Cecco immediately realized that something was wrong. Pippo 2, the tiniest and the eldest (being 21) donkey of his group, could not stand up, he was constantly losing his balance and showing strong pain.

Pippo 2


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