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Care of donkeys through winter

When owning a donkey you have to be prepared for the cold winter months, winter care is about helping your donkey to withstand the lower temperatures and to stay healthy, rather than shutting them in completely.

Getting prepared for the winter

It’s important to be prepared and plan ahead for the winter.

Donkeys in the snow

Goodbye Chicca

With our deep sadness, Chicca (aged 31) who was the oldest donkey of the Refuge, has passed away following a severe case of colic that she was not able to recover from.

Born in 1988, Chicca was welcomed to the Refuge after having lived her first few years with two other donkeys on Lake Orta. Her owner was no longer able to care for them and for Chicca she thought of us, certain that she would find love, care and protection for life.


Orti de la Malpenga

Last year, the donkeys Alin and Amilcare were among the charms of the event "Gli orti della Malpenga" and soon it will be repeated: Il Rifugio degli Asinelli ONLUS will be present, with human and donkey representatives, at the famous market show dedicated to the vegetable garden. and the autumn orchard that will take place on September 28th and 29th at La Malpenga (Via Scaglia 2, 13856 Vigliano Biellese), a historic park and villa in the Biella hills.


Stellar Grooming Day

It is a stellar grooming day the one planned for Sunday, 29th September 2019 at Il Rifugio degli Asinelli in Sala Biellese (BI).

Guests of honour will be the 501st Legion Italica Garrison and Rebel Legion Italian Base, the only Star Wars costuming groups officially recognized by LucasFilm. The passion for the saga goes hand in hand with charity, the main purpose of the activities of the groups.

Donkey grazing

Sole is shining again

The period of isolation has ended for Sole and it is with his and our great joy that he was finally able to join one of our special guests: Moro, one of the 7 donkeys saved from the seizure of Alessandria. Sole really seems to appreciate being finally in the company and above all he looks at those approaching with great curiosity.

But what makes us even happier is that Sole is improving day by day.


Launching new project for schools

Cooperagliando, a new project for schools of the province of Biella, Vercelli and the area of Ivrea has been launched by Il Rifugio degli Asinelli.

With the restart of the new school year, Il Rifugio degli Asinelli together with the environmental educational centre Andirivieni launches the Cooperagliando project, on cooperation and group dynamics through the relationship with donkeys.

Cooperagliando project

After the party

A thousand hearts beating for the donkeys: it was a huge emotion to see you so numerous, smiling (and, at times, a little moved) at the Great Summer Festival, which this year coincided with the culmination of the celebrations for our first 10 years of opening.

Il volontario Simone con Gegia

Instagram contest: the winners are...

141 posts in two months with the hashtag # Rifugio10, the official "brand" of our first Photocontest Instagram: among them we have selected sixteen photos, which will be exhibited along our sanctuary during the Great Summer Party on Sunday 25 August and, in collaboration with our Media Partners IG Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, we have identified the winners of the three categories in competition.

I vincitori del Contest Instagram Scatti raglianti

Ciao Diva

She had a noble name, which also in Romania, the country from which she arrived, identifies the stars of the variety, pagan divinities and anyone with exceptional qualities. Diva wore it without giving it weight: it was just a name chosen by humans, and many others had been the real weights that he had had to endure in her former existence, the one we could have guessed from her bent back, from her abdomen deformed for the continuous pregnancies and atavistic hunger, that of those who have suffered famine and who go beyond the stomach.



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