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Goodbye, "Grandpa" Tudor

Many are the animals arrived at Il Rifugio over the years, to which we could attribute more esteems than certanties: on their past, actual age and inner wounds.

On that past they are not able to tell us, they can only instead let us imagine through their fears and habits.Of those scars that will always remain, though we can try to make them less visible and painful through patience, perseverance and love.

Tudor, probably born in 1993, was one of our elder donkeys which passed away this afternoon.

L'asinello Tudor

Il Rifugio gradually resumes its activities

We are happy to communicate with the upmost pleasure that Il Rifugio is gradually resuming its activities involving our public, with openings for educational and institutional purposes.  We are delighted to welcome among our beautiful donkeys, upon appointment, classes, supporters who bought our Incontrasino Voucher, volunteers, charities and social bodies, through the organization of coordinated groups following current regulations and conditions requested for health and security.

Il Rifugio gradually resumes its activities

The health crisis and its consequences on donkey welfare

Next Tuesday 14 July, at 10:00 am, The Donkey Sanctuary will participate to the meeting of the Intergroup of the European Parliament on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals.

The meeting, dedicated to the consequences of the Covid-19 emergency on the welfare of horses, is part of a wider cycle of meetings on the role of the Third Sector in the context of the economic and health crisis.


Online conference about animal welfare and sustainable development

Due to the current global pandemic, The Donkey Sanctuary and World Horse Welfare will be hosting their first virtual side event at this year’s United Nations High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On Tuesday 7 July, stakeholders will be able to take part in discussions about the essential role working animals play in achieving key SDGs, and their context within two of the globe’s most pressing challenges: climate change and disease.



This story only needs one name. Bianca, an invented name, is a woman with a history of psychological suffering who managed to find a new life at the Rifugio thanks to the contact with donkeys.


The time of solidarity

In January 2019, the Rifugio degli Asinelli was involved in one of the largest seizures of equidae in recent years. In the province of Alessandria, over 40 donkeys were found in a state of neglect and in poor health. Immediately involved in operations related to animal welfare, we launched this appeal:

"Over 40 donkeys urgently need us: we are looking for caretakers willing to host them and help them start a new life."


Amy and Taddeo's love story

Taddeo is 19 years old, and he is a beautiful all white donkey. He has a difficult past. Taddeo as well comes from the big seizure of Colleferro in 2013, the largest seizure of equidae that ever occurred in Italy. He arrives at the Rifugio in that year and, like many of his companions, he bears the suffering he has suffered in his body and soul. His character is harsh and diffident, Taddeo has never met a veterinarian, nobody has ever taken care of his hooves and hair. When we tried to approach him, he kicked nervously.

Amy and Taddeo

Mimì and Rucola's love story

Mimì and Rucola were born at the Refuge a few years ago. They are two young donkeys, who have not known the suffering and uncertainty of many of our other guests (read the story of Dante and Margherita here). Yet even if born in a protected context, their mothers come from complicated backgrounds. Giorgina, Mimì's mother, arrived at the Rifugio from Veneto and was so undernourished that we didn't realize that she was pregnant. Surprisingly, we watched her belly grow in the weeks following her arrival at the Rifugio. Mimì was born in 2016.



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