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Ciao Diva

She had a noble name, which also in Romania, the country from which she arrived, identifies the stars of the variety, pagan divinities and anyone with exceptional qualities. Diva wore it without giving it weight: it was just a name chosen by humans, and many others had been the real weights that he had had to endure in her former existence, the one we could have guessed from her bent back, from her abdomen deformed for the continuous pregnancies and atavistic hunger, that of those who have suffered famine and who go beyond the stomach.


Summer feast: book your lunch

During our Summer Fair you will have the chance to delight yourself with a gorgeous vegetarian paella freshly made by Raggio Verde, a social coop which pay a big attention to ethic, sustainable and organic food.

Lunch will be 8€ including veg paella and fresh water (other beverages for extra cost).

Please book now!

Paella vegetariana

5X1000: 2017 funds credited today

Funds from 5X1000 (referred to 2017 fiscal year) were credited by the Revenue Agency this morning: the choice of 2295 taxpayers, who decided to allocate the 5X1000 of their taxes to the Rifugio degli Asinelli, resulted in a sum of € 71,070.72.

This figure will allow us to cover a good part of the annual costs for hay and straw, fundamental as food and as a bed for the donkeys that we take care of.

For this reason, to all those who have chosen us and will choose us (just indicate the tax code 02270470020 in the tax return and sign it), our strongest gratitude goes.

Asinelli mangiano il fieno

Grooming Day

It's Grooming Day again and this time with an absolute novelty: our first InstaMeet in collaboration with IG Piemonte & Valle d'Aosta.

Grooming Day

In the morning and in the afternoon, grooming & cuddling sessions in the donkey pens and guided tours to discover our sanctuary.

Grooming e coccole

In their hooves

While on your holiday, be a responsible tourist and put yourself ‘In Their Hooves.’

Donkeys and mules are put to work in tourism all over the world, whether used as taxis, for treks or to carry luggage. While we do not actively promote the use of donkeys and mules in any form of tourism we do understand their importance in helping thousands of people to earn a living.

In their hooves


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