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Good results at Fieracavalli

There was also a piece of our Rifugio at Fieracavalli, the most important equestrian fair in Italy: for the third year in a row we participated with a booth, kindly hosted by Progetto Islander.

Progetto Islander has started its activities in 2013, raising money and promoting initiatives for horses. This year it was one of Fieracavalli partner in charge of the Ethics Committee and welcomed us and IHP Italian Horse Protection for our commitment for many animals in need.

Fieracavalli 2014 logo

Vampires and little witches for Halloween Grooming Day

Cold and bad weather didn’t scare over 600 donkey friends who yesterday joined Halloween Grooming Day at il Rifugio.

Little vampires, ghosts, witched and skeletons came to meet the donkeys, but don’t worry: they are so brave that were not frightened at all and enjoy cuddles and, for Ciccio, Zietto, Oscar, Gegia, Bluto, Alin, Elio, Bandit, Billy, John, Ombra, Apple, Marisa, Ombra e Iglesia, a special session of grooming.

Donkey Oscar was carefully brushed by our visitors during Grooming Day

One year with the donkeys: don't miss 2015 calendar

Our cover-girl is lovely Zoe, born last March and pictured when she was just a couple of weeks old. Her mum Parbat is besides her.

But you will also find Iole, playing peek-a-boo behind the leaves; Rolando and Obi Wan running side by side; Iglesia and friends in the snow... They are a few of the gorgeous models featured in 2015 IRDA's calendar.

If you love donkeys, if you appreciate animal photography, if you're looking for a big sized calendar and if you wish to help over 120 animals homed at Il Rifugio degli Asinelli, you cannot miss it!

Cover of 2015 IRDA Calendar: filly Zoe is tasting some daisies

Over 200 people from all over Europe for 1st International Conference MEDI'ASINUS

They came from all over Italy, France, Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, Spain, UK, Netherlands... more than 200 "asinari", the Italian word for donkey-passionated people, gathered in Biella to attend to Medi'Asinus on 11th October 2014.

It was the first international conference in Italy about mediation with donkeys. 9 hours during which the speakers shared experiences observations and projects, and laid the foundations for a long-lasting exchange of ideas and contents.

New closing time from October

Daylight is shortening and as usual our Rifugio changes opening time according to it: since 1st October, daily opening time is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Our centre is based in via per Zubiena 62 in Sala Biellese (BI), North Italy, and is open every day of the year except 25th December and 1st January.

We've created a special section to help you to arrange your visit: have a look and enjoy your visit.

In Autumn and Winter Il Rifugio has a reduced opening time

Survey closed: choose a name for our latest foals

Their mums were rescued already in foal during Colleferro's seizure: the biggest equine rescue operation ever happened in Italy, with over 200 donkeys, horses, hinnies and mules involved.

Habiba's foal and Parbat's and Greta's fillies were born in the safety of our centre in Sala Biellese, well cared for by their mothers and surrounded by affection from other donkeys and humans.

Habiba's foal: join the survey to find him a name

Mules and hinnies at play

It's playtime for the mules and hinnies living here at Il Rifugio.

All were rescued from starvation from our biggest rescue to date in Colleferro, except for Marco, the beautiful mule you can see wearing a green collar.

Marco comes from France and is the only mule you can adopt.

For more information on adopting Marco, or one of our donkeys, please visit the adopt a donkey section of our website.

What is a mule?

A mule is the result of breeding between a male donkey and a female horse.

Marco the mule


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