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Take action to #StopTheTrucks

The Donkey Sanctuary has collaborated with Eurogroup for Animals on their #StopTheTrucks campaign to address shortcomings of the current live animal transportation rules, which leave many production animals, including donkeys, unprotected, sick or dead during transport.

The campaign calls on decision makers to reduce and ultimately end long distance live animal transportation.

Let your voice count by signing this petition.

The #StopTheTrucks campaign page

Worrying new trend in donkey meat and skin trade

Research underway by The Donkey Sanctuary is revealing a worrying trend in the growing trade and demand of donkey meat and skins, and its potential effects to global donkey populations and their welfare.

In Italy alone almost 6,000 donkeys are now farmed for their milk, and this is dwarfed by the numbers in China, where it is reported millions are farmed for their skins to produce a medicinal gelatin (ejiao) that is traded as traditional Chinese medicine.

Donkeys transporting bricks (picture by The Donkey Sanctuary)

This tiny filly needs you

One week ago, we were contacted through our vet for an emergency: a ginny refused her newborn filly, not providing any milk or care.

As our welfare officer realized, it wasn't the first time it happened and previous foals were born.

We decided to bring baby and mum to our Rifugio, where we would have been able to provide food and care; and yesterday evening they arrived.

Every couple of hours, night and day, we feed the baby 150 ml of milk and constantly monitor her overall conditions.

Neglected by mother, Ginger's filly needs help

Ethiopia - Villagers open their eyes on donkey welfare

When The Donkey Sanctuary Ethiopia first visited Bera Tedicho village in Ethiopia, residents hardly noticed the suffering of their donkeys. Every day donkeys were overloaded, beaten and forced to work even when they were injured or sick without basic veterinary care. There were even people who intentionally wounded their donkeys because they believed the pain would make the donkey easier to control.

Dr Bojia teaching Iou's handler how to apply zinc oxide to Iou's wounds - ph. The Donkey Sanctuary

Nebbia: from surgery to Renata's love

A trauma to the jaw, followed by a bad infection: poor Nebbia's story had not started in the best way ever.

The costs of surgery were too high for his owner, who was also scared by the delicacy of post-surgery specialist care; so she contacted our Rifugio to release the donkey.

Nebbia was operated in the University Clinic of Perugia, the only facility able to do this in Italy, by Professor Marco Pepe and his staff, who had already given us a big support during the Colleferro's seizure.

Nebbia at rest on the grass

Thanks for celebrating with us

It was the hottest day of Summer so far, but 1000 of you didn't mind and enjoyed us for our Big Summer Party, to celebrate our 7th anniversary of opening to public.

Grooming, guided tours and lots of cuddles: you can guess how happy you were just looking at the photogallery!

Volunteer Valeria framed during the Party

Big Summer Party: here we go!

Next Sunday, 28th August, we're going to host the biggest event of the year: its name changed from "Birthday" to "Summer Party", but what aren't change are passion and all the funny events you can find.

Here it is the program:

  • 11-12.30:
    Games and activities
    Pedibus (guided tours)
  • 12-14:
  • 14.30-18:
    Games and activities
    "Ask the experts"
    Doll theatre (ore 15)

For all day, stalls of animal welfare charities will be active.

Poster of Big Summer Party 2016


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