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Nerone and Birba: re-homing turns to 40

With Nerone and Birba leaving our Rifugio last week (destination: Genoa), the number of donkeys featured in our re-homing scheme increased to 40!

We are very happy for this result, because we will be able to welcome more donkeys in need and we know that all the fostered donkeys are loved and well cared for.

In this photogallery, you can take a look to the breath-taking place where Nerone and Birba live now, together with resident donkeys Sole and Matilde.

Nerone and Birba meet Sole and Matilde

A special afternoon for Special Olympics athletes

At the beginning of this week, a group of athletes of "Special Olympics" from Brescia, Lombardia, spent a couple of days nearby.

Special Olympics is "a global movement of people creating a new world of inclusion and community, where every single person is accepted and welcomed, regardless of ability or disability. We are helping to make the world a better, healthier and more joyful place -- one athlete, one volunteer, one family member at a time".

A precious project indeed: so, when volunteer Rosco contacted us asking for a special visit, obviously we said yes!

Grooming for Special Olympics athletes

Primrose and Alice at retirement home Città del Sole

On a warm summer morning, donkeys Alice and Primrose were led by Barbara and Bicio to the Retirement Home “Casa del Sole” in Dorzano.

When we arrived we found dozens of residents outside the building in their wheelchairs, waiting for us with nurses. But they were not alone: a local summer school had known that we had planned a trip with the donkeys, so they joined us as well!

Alice interacts with old guests at retirement home Città del Sole

Goodbye Matei

The day when Matei was put to sleep it was raining, and we thought that he, such a sun-lover, would have disliked that ugly weather.

Later a group of children arrived, and then we thought how much he loved them; everything he was doing, he stopped and limped towards the gate to get some cuddles. He was to first to come, the last to go.

Matei enjoyed every single ray of sunshine

Wannabe volunteers gathering on 25th June

If you're interested in volunteering at our Rifugio or you wish to know more about how you can help, please join us in Sala Biellese for a dedicated meeting on Saturday 25th June at 10 a.m..

Please come at least 15 minutes in advance for registration and send us a message within Friday 24th June (subject: Volunteers) containing names and numbers of participants and a phone number.

Volunteers and staff together during last IRDA's birthday party

31/7 it's the Domenica Bestiale!

On Sunday 31st July our Rifugio will host the second edition of Domenica Bestiale, an event dedicated to "unconventional" pets and to the charities which take care of them.

From 10 am, there will be stalls, activities for children, meetings, conferences and much more, donkey grooming included.

Here's the list of the charities which will take part to the event:

Domenica Bestiale 2016


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