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Farewell granny Linda

Among hundreds of stories of abandoned, abused, neglected donkeys, there are a few that fill our hearts: the ones that tell us of much loved donkeys, who arrived at our Rifugio after a lifetime of love and care.

And when we think of these stories, the first which comes to mind was always "granny" Linda's, who passed away last Monday at 30.

If you ever came to our Rifugio, you must have met and cuddled her: it was impossible to pass by the elderly donkeys stable without seeing her coming by and waiting to receive a certain dose of caresses.

Linda andMarina

Grooming Day for 300 people

Brushes, passions and donkeys: those are the ingredients that make Grooming Days so special.

Yesterday it's been a special day for 300 people who experienced the feeling of being a groom for one day.

Ten donkeys were the main stars of the day: Alin, Amy, Arturo, Bandit, Billy, Chocolate, Ciccio, Giulia, John and Zietto, who have been groomed and cuddled by adults and children before coming back to their donkey friends.

Next Grooming Day will take part on Sunday 23rd August, during our Birthday Party.

Visitors cuddling our donkeys during Grooming Day

Ombra is on diet

She'a always been a bit chubby, but now her extra kilos were too much: to protect Ombra's health, it was necessary to put her on a diet.

She's not the only one: her friend Marisa is on diet as well,just like Amilcare, Andrea, Apple, Aurora, Diva, Obama and Oscar.

They were moved into a brand new group in the isolation area, closed of to visitors for safety matters, where they are strictly checked and monitored.

According to the diet scheme, in three months our chubby donkeys should be in shape again.

Ombra is on a diet

New report on equines highlights need for improved registration across the EU

PRESS RELEASE from The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary partnership with Eurogroup for Animals launched an important project to ensure the EU’s 6 million horses and 1.5 million donkeys are covered by species specific legislation. The recommendations have now been published in a ground breaking report titled Removing the Blinkers.

Donkey-taxi in Santorini

21/6: Grooming Day and alternative directions

Dear donkey friends, we remind you that on Sunday 21th June we will host Summer Grooming Day (find the details in this section!).

Meanwhile, the cars of Rally Lana Storico will run nearby; therefore the road throughout Zubiena (one of the way to reach our Rifugio) will be closed.

If you arrive from Biella/Mongrand, just follow the road signs for Bornasco/Sala Biellese.

If you need info about directions, please contact us calling +39 015 2551831.

Alternate road to reach our Rifugio throghout Bornasco/Sala Biellese

Colleferro: don't leave us alone

Open letter from Barbara Massa, Italian Country Manager, about Colleferro's trial.

Dear friends, sometimes our work can be extremely challenging and upsetting, seeing donkeys in distress. However, when we are feeling troubled we only need to take a look at the donkeys and mules in our care, to see the harmony which reigns over them, and to feel immensely happy to have been able to make such a difference to their lives.

One group of donkeys stands out in our minds - the group of "Colleferrro Mums" and their foals.

Barbara Massa during Colleferro's seizure offering emergengy care to a group of donkeys


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