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From Treviso to Sala Biellese: finally a safe home for "Zaia's donkeys"

Nettuno, Paolo, Paola, Giorgina, the four survivor donkeys from project "eco-friendly lawnmowers", which was meant to use donkeys instead of clippers to keep the grass low near the main roads of Treviso county, are finally safe at our Rifugio.

The project was launched in 2004 but faced several problems, many of them involving donkeys.

After years of protests by animal welfare charities and private citizens, finally the project was declared closed and the promoters decided to look for a new home for the retires "lawnmower-donkeys".

Four "Zaia's donkeys" rescued in Treviso at their arrival at Il Rifugio

New courses to improve your knowledge of donkeys

Back by popular demand the courses to learn more about the donkeys held by our Welfare Team!

There will be four events, each of them focused to a special topic:

  • 4th July: Introductory course to donkey care
  • 18th July: Introductory course to donkey health
  • 25th July: Introductory course to understanding donkey behaviour
  • 1st August: Introductory course to approaching

Admission to "Introductory course to approaching" will be subject to participation to the first two events (care and health).

Our Welfare Officer Fabrizio with donkey Charlie

16/17th May: buttercup days

Dear friends, in this time of the year our fields are covered by by buttercups , yellow flowers which are toxic for the donkeys (they are toxic): would you mind to help us to eradicate them on 16th and 17th May?

Please join us from 10 am with:

  • gardening gloves
  • comfy shoes and clothes

Other gardening equipment would be very useful too, as well as a hat for sun protection.

Many thanks to all the people who will devote a bit of time to this important activity!

Buttercups over the fields at our Rifugio

Victory! Chanel, Karl and Merlino are permanently assigned to our Rifugio

Dear friends, we're really happy to give you some great news: after a long trial, the judge in charge has definitely given the custody of Chanel, Karl and Merlino to our Rifugio!

These three donkeys had been rescued from a bad case of mistreatment in Tuscany three years ago and were moved to our charity which agreed to be nominated "legal guardian".

Here, Chanel, who was already pregnant at the time of the seizure, could give birth to her foal Ercole and forget, along with Karl (almost certainly Ercole's father) and Merlin, the terrible experience lived.

The minutes of release from seizure and contextual custody of Karl , Chanel and Merlin

Two ceramic benches built and donated by CNOS-FAP

Three hours to build two gorgeous ceramic benches: a true masterpiece realized by ten students of Operatore Edile from professional school CNOS-FAP in Vigliano Biellese which now will offer a beautiful seat to our visitors.

We wish to thank teachers Fabio Coppo and Alberto Bonino, headmaster Roberto Battistella, builder De Rocco, Ceramiche Vogue and last but not least students Luca Bio, Daniel Burca Petrisor, Edoardo Canova, Andrea Degani, Elmahdi Elakrotte, Federico Garcia, Marco Manzo, Gabriele Peretto, Francesco Polidoro and Renato Puddu.

Students from CNOS-FAP professional school have built two ceramic benches for Il Rifugio

5X1000: Filippo's story

Do you know that you can transform your tax declaration into a declaration of love for the donkeys? If you live and work in Italy, you can donate your 5X1000 to our Rifugio (code: 02270470020) and really help us to provide cares and treatment to our donkeys.

Just like Filippo: his story started in Romania, where his mum Sheila was found with a deep knife wound all over her belly. The situation was still more serious because she was already in foal.

Filippo and Clementina have been best friends since they were born


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