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On Sunday 22th March join us for Spring Grooming Day

There's no Spring without Spring Grooming Day! On Sunday 22th we'll host the first event of 2015 and you cannot miss it.

During Grooming Day everyone can learn how to take care of donkeys and brush and cuddles our gorgeous guests: just come to Il Rifugio from 2 pm to join us.

And if you wish to know more about our 123 donkyes, mules and hinnies, don't miss the free guided tour that will start at 3pm in front of InfoPoint.

Grooming Day takes places outdoors; in case of heavy rain, the event will be cancelled.

During Grooming Day visitors can learn how to brush donkeys supervised by our staff

Terracotta figurines of the Adoption Donkeys are available!

We got a huge number of requests and they are finally arrived: we present the terracotta figurines of Agostino, Alin, Clementina, Filippo, Ombra e Marco, our gorgeous donkeys and mule of the distance adoption program.

The statuettes are about 15 cm high and are entirely handcrafted by Italian artist Francesca Antoniotti.

To book your figurine and to find out more please contact us

Terracotta statuettes of the Adoption Donkeys will help to raise funds

Adopt a donkey to show your love

This Valentine share your love: adopt a donkey for yourself or for the one you love!

Distance adoption is a special, unforgettable, original gift. The perfect way to show your love.

Choose your favorite donkey on our website, fill in the form and make your donation: in a couple of days you will receive a gorgeous adoption certificate in PDF format with the name of your beloved one of it and the picture of your chosen donkey.

Two donkeys homed at our Rifugio face-to-face

From MediAsinus 1555€ for donkeys and children in Bradet, Romania

They arrived in Bradet, in the heart of Romania, in the past weeks: to welcome the donkeys Sile and Remy, saved by the Romanian base of the charity The Donkey Sanctuary and future donkey-therapists, there were 99 children in needs living at the large residential school and a brand new stable, built with the support of MediAsinus, the informal network born last year to bring together the main European organizations dealing with donkey assisted activities.

Donkey therapists Sile and Remy at their arrival in Bradet

2500€ from Neve Cosmetics!

It all started with a phonecall from make-up factory Neve Cosmetics, saying that our Rifugio was chosen to receive a generous gift of 2500€ thanks to the charity project "Cuore di Neve".

"We all have a Neve (snow) heart... A heart that melts for important causes, that makes us believe, that makes us smile. Cuore di Neve is the non-profit side of Neve Cosmetics: we agree that inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty!" says the "a title="Cuore di Neve website href="" target="_blank">website.

Neve Cosmetics has donated 2500€ to our Rifugio thanks to charity project Cuore di Neve

Two events to say goodbye to 2014

We have had a very rich calendar of events this year and the last two ones didn't disappoint our faithful supporters!

Over 100 people joined us on Sunday 7th December for Christmas Grooming Day and enjoyed spending a special afternoon grooming and cuddling our donkeys Trily, Titus, Billy, Marisa, Ombra, John, Ciccio, Oscar and Tony.

Barbara and Luca of Apida during the vegan cooking course at Il Rifugio

The sun is shining again

In the past days we received a huge number of messages of worry for the bad weather and the flash food which damaged Biellese territory.

Luckily our Rifugio didn't withstand any damage and our 120 donkeys, mules and hinnies have always been safe and warm.

Finally today the sun came back and our donkeys didn't miss the chance to enjoy its pleasant rays: have a look at this video (in the background you can spot the Pre-Alps covered in snow).

Donkeys are playing outside in the sun after days of heavy rain


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