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The donations gathered thanks to 5X1000 2013 have been remitted today

Dear friends, today the Income Revenue Agency has remitted 35.986,34€ gathered thanks to your choices in 2013 Tax Declaration.

We wish to send a collective thank you to 1485 Italian taxpayers who have chosen to donate an amount of their taxes to our Rifugio.

With the gathered amount we will be able to cover costs for vet cares, vaccinations and examinations for over 140 donkeys, mules and hinnies we are currently taking care of.

That's why 5X1000 means so much to us and why we will never stop thanking you for your support!

One of our donkeys is enjoying the sunshine

Ombra's diet is going on...

Many of you are asking if Ombra's diet is having some good results.

As you may remember, she's been on diet for some weeks on, together with other chubby donkeys who need to lose weight.

Almost all of them are doing fine... except Ombra and her best friend Marisa!

You can have a glimpse of them in the picture above, taken this afternoon.

Being a matter of metabolism, and poor inclination to an active life... the results are still far from satisfaction.

Ombra and her best friend Marisa

Goodbye Moro, rest in peace

The Prealps around Biella were his home: up and down the paths, Moro used to look after the flock and carry on his comfy back the lambs which were too small and weak to follow their mothers on the way to the pasture.

Hikers stopped to look at him before leaving with a picture and a smile.

Moro’s job was never too hard and vet and farrier checks were not missing, as well as moments of fame: every Christmas, he was an actor of the living nativity scene in Trivero, so calm and sweet, with his long reddish hair tickling the little child.

Moro, born in 1982, was our oldest donkey

Regular opening time in August

For all August Il Rifugio degli Asinelli will be regularly open from 10 am to 6.30 pm.

Leaflets are available near the InfoPoint; across our shelter you will find boards and other infos.

If you're planning your first visit to our Rifugio, please have a look at our "Visit us" section, you will find everything you need to know to enjoy your time with the donkeys!

Donkeys Bluto and Carlotto close to each other


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