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European Commission welcomes clear and simple guidelines to assess welfare of equidae for transport

The European Commission has welcomed the publication of practical guidelines on assessing the fitness for transport of equidae (horses, ponies, donkeys and their hybrids), an essential resource for anyone involved in the transport process, which was produced through a collaboration of agri-food, transport, veterinary organisations and animal welfare groups supported by the European Commission.

Archive material from The Donkey Sanctuary: rescued donkeys are being transported to their sanctuary for life

Open-letter about wild boars control policy

Some days ago, the associations represented at the bottom have discovered from local newspapers that the County of Biella is implementing a new "plan to contain wild boars", which once again doesn't involve those concerned with environment and land conservation, but rely exclusively on the words of those who have a direct, improper interest in the chance to increase the practice of their passion: hunters

The new intervention program is limited to the mere update of the guidelines that have lead to the failure of previous containment measures.

Il Rifugio degli Asinelli is set in a beautiful scenery sadly location of hunting

Adopt a donkey for Valentine's Day

At Valentine's Day you can show your love twice: adopt a donkey and your gift of love will reach your beloved ones and all the donkeys, mules and hinnies we take care of here at our Rifugio.

To adopt a donkey fill the online form and make a donation (minimum: 24€).

We'll send you a special adoption certificate that you will be able to give as a special present to the one that you love!

Thank you on behalf of all our donkeys.

Valentine's Gift Pack (available for Italy only)

Always open!

Il Rifugio degli Asinelli will be open as usual also during Easter holidays.

You're welcome to visit us every day, from 10 am to 5 pm.

For further info and details, please have a look at the Visit us section on our website: you will find everything you need to arrange a gorgeous visit to the donkeys.

Enjoy your visit - and Happy Easter!

Visitors at Il Rifugio degli Asinelli

Grooming Days 2016: the complete calendar

Grooming Days are special events created by Italian Country Manager Barbara Massa to raise more awareness about donkeys needs and care and to promote a closer relationship between donkeys and visitors.

During Grooming Days everyone can learn how to brush and take care of donkeys; our staff will open the gate and allow you to enter the paddocks, where you will be able to groom and cuddle our donkeys.

In 2016 Grooming Days will take place on:

Grooming Day: brushes and cuddles for donkey Tudor

Christmas 2015 adoption certificates: deadline is 23rd December

Dear friends, we wish to say thanks to all of you for deciding to donate an adoption to your friends and family this Christmas.

Please keep in mind that, to be aware that certificates arrive in time, form and donation receipt must be sent by 23th December.

Otherwise, certificates will be sent after 28th December.

Thank you very much for your support, and Merry Christmas!

Green collars identify the donkeys you can adopt

Vincenzino's rescue

A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday afternoon, we received a phone-call asking our help for a donkey in need in Valsesia, Novara County.

We asked our supporter to contact the authorities (which, according to Italian law, have to be intervene) and obviously we were fully available to support.

Donkey Vincenzino has been rescued in Valsesia, Novara

The donations gathered thanks to 5X1000 2013 have been remitted today

Dear friends, today the Income Revenue Agency has remitted 35.986,34€ gathered thanks to your choices in 2013 Tax Declaration.

We wish to send a collective thank you to 1485 Italian taxpayers who have chosen to donate an amount of their taxes to our Rifugio.

With the gathered amount we will be able to cover costs for vet cares, vaccinations and examinations for over 140 donkeys, mules and hinnies we are currently taking care of.

That's why 5X1000 means so much to us and why we will never stop thanking you for your support!

One of our donkeys is enjoying the sunshine


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