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52 New Lifes: the results of our fundraising campaing

Dear donkey friends, last Sunday our fundraising campaign to cover the expenses for registering 52 donkeys and mules rescued in Colleferro has ended and it's time to take stock of what we were able to collect thanks to your support!

In the end we collected 3,328€ from 61 individual donors on crowdfunding platform "Rete del Dono", 118€ through the personal fundraising page by our volunteer Valeria, 295€ through bank transfers and 400€ cash on site.

Thank you from the deep of our hearts for making these 52 new lives come true, and keep on following us to know more!

Hinnies Rolando and Obi-Wan are two of 52 New Lifes rescued in Colleferro

Basic course for Donkey Coadjutor

Our Rifugio will host on 17/18/19 June, 2/3 July and 16/17 July the Basic course for Donkey Coadjutor: 56 hours in three weekends which will allow to acquire the skills needed for those who intend to work in AAI field according to Italian guidelines.

The course is organized in cooperation with WeAnimal, La Melagrana - Città degli Asini and our Rifugio itself.

For info and booking, please visit La Melagrana's website.

Donkey Bluto during a visit to elderly residents in a local retirement home

Donkey milk industry welfare standards under examination

A year-long investigation to determine the welfare standards of donkeys associated with the European donkey milk industry is to be discussed this week at a meeting composed of 12 animal welfare groups that operate across Europe.

The report, supported by The Donkey Sanctuary, has been produced by Dr Michela Minero with a team from the University of Milan and will be presented at a meeting hosted by the charity’s Italian operation, Il Rifugio degli Asinelli.

The report has been presented at last meeting of the Eurogroup Equine Working Group

Eurogroup for Animals: Stop The Trucks campaign

The Donkey Sanctuary has collaborated with Eurogroup for Animals on their recently launched campaign to address shortcomings of the current live animal transportation rules, which leave many production animals, including donkeys, unprotected, sick or dead during transport. The campaign calls on decision makers to reduce and ultimately end long distance live animal transportation.

Live animal transportation: donkeys for meat

5X1000 2014: we raised over 52,000 euros!

In 2014 1,736 Italian people chose to donate their 5X1000 (a part of the taxes) to our Rifugio, allowing us to raise 52,290.83 euros for the donkeys: the results were transmitted yesterday by National Tax Agency, and they were worth the delay!

This amount will cover yearly medical expenses for 146 donkeys, mules and hinnies homed at Il Rifugio; so a really big thank you is coming from them (and from all of us).

If you live and work in Italy, you can change your tax declaration into a love declaration using 5X1000.

Ilaria is hugging filly Sheila

Basic Couse for AAI

From 22 to 24 April our Rifugio will host the Basic Course for those in the AAI framework who want to acquire as part of the IAA the role of animal coadjutor, veterinary skilled in AAI, project supervisor, intervention representative and activities’ supervisor.

This course provides the basics of AAI and human-animal relationship, ethical matters, national legislation and contents of the Guidelines. It also allows to deepen the knowledge of team roles and responsibilities of professionals and operators and to improve learners’ awareness on some AAI experiences.

Bluto is one of our donkey-therapists

5X1000: Vincenzino

Before coming into our care, many donkeys suffered from abandon and lack of food and cares.

High quality food is necessary to keep donkeys in a good health and it's one of the ways we have to show how much we care and, sometimes, to make the first step in the long road to recovery and trustiness.

Vincenzino is a very tiny donkey who spent the first part of his life in total abandon: he lives among wastes, without any care; his hooves were so long and painful that he couldn't stand on his feet anymore.

Vincenzino con Marianna nei giorni successivi al salvataggio

Four new arrivals (with surprise!)

Yesterday afternoon four new arrivals joined our Rifugio: donkeys Gilda and Gilbert, rescued in Colleferro, their foal Billa and... a surpise!

"When Marianna and I reached Bergamo to load the three donkeys into the van, we immediately noticed that the bond with the pony they were living with was just too strong to separate that quartet!" our Welfare Officer Fabrizio says.

So, exceptionally, the tiny pony arrived, even if he's not a donkey, a hinny or a mule - the species we take care of at our Rifugio.

Donkeys Gilda, Gilbert, Billy and Leo the pony


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