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Before sharing a post found on Facebook...

"I'm forwarding you this post found on Facebook, please help this donkey or he will be send to slaughterhouse". "I received this message on WhatsApp, a milk farm is selling 15 foals, please take them". "I saw the picture of this donkey on a contact's timeline, do something!".

These are some of the typical messages we receive sharing posts or links about donkeys. We are afraid to tell that often they do not help animals at all. Let us explain why.

Donkeys at our Rifugio

Donkeys and fireworks - top tips

The Donkey Sanctuary is reminding donkey owners to keep their pets safe during the weeks surrounding bonfire night.

Donkeys can become frightened at this time of year and occasionally bolt from firework noise and can become injured.

We advise you to closely monitor your donkey - taking a look at our Top 10 Tips - and never let fireworks off near any animals. Please be respectful and responsible towards neighbouring pets and animals.

Fireworks - Creative Commons

Fire emergency in Piedmont: our Rifugio is safe

During these last weeks, Piedmont Region has been devastated by fire, which is causing huge problems to all - humans, animals, plants. It is impossible to assess the number of wild animals victims of fire.

We wish to reassure all the people who have contacted us fearing that our Rifugio was involved in fire. Our area is currently safe and far from fire. In case of emergency, we have an accurate evacuation model to grant safety for donkeys and humans.


The Donkey Sanctuary and The University of Milan launch new guidelines for dairy donkeys

On Thursday 26 October, The Donkey Sanctuary and The University of Milan have presented new Guidelines for Dairy Donkeys: good animal management practices for donkey milk production to the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Dairy donkeys

Donkey skin trade update

Just over eight months ago, The Donkey Sanctuary launched Under the Skin report: here there is an update on the progress that has been made since then, together with a call to anyone is dealing with donkeys Worldwide, to help us gather a better picture of the situation around the world by completing a short survey.

Overview on the donkey skin trade

Ih-oh... ga: the photogallery

We could not have asked for a better day for the first "Ih-oh... ga!": yoga among the donkeys.

Last Saturday 14 people from Piedmont and Lombardy have spent two hours led by yoga instructor Roberto Castellucci (who has donated his time and experience to help the donkeys): they practiced yoga warmed by the sun, under golden leaves and mostly surrounded by tails and long ears!

Yoga with the donkeys


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